10 | Figure Out Your Budget Before You Spend a Dime

10 | Figure Out Your Budget Before You Spend a Dime

Listen… no one really likes talking about money, especially when it’s not unlimited. But determining your wedding budget is a crucial step of the planning process.

In this episode of the Almost to the Aisle Wedding Planning Podcast, professional wedding planners Kimberly Rhodes and Julian Leaver discuss the wedding budget and share some budgeting tips they use with their own full service planning clients. Listen in as these two professional planners dive into some of the things to consider as you’re putting together numbers for your wedding budget.

In this episode, listeners will hear about:

  • The importance of setting a wedding budget in the early stages of wedding planning
  • Food and beverages minimums from venues and what the numbers really mean
  • What every couple should ask for from a venue that also provides catering in order to determine the real costs
  • What costs the planners often exclude from the overall wedding budget
  • The percentages that the reception costs make up of the overall budget and why the planners’ percentages differ from what you might find online
  • Hear more about how the guest list affects the budget in Episode 9: The Guest List Drives Everything

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