Meet Julian

Owner, Julian Leaver Events

Your trusted guide for navigating life’s most important moments. Julian’s eponymous firm focuses on celebrations stateside and worldwide. 

His 15-year career in hospitality, event planning, and etiquette have touched every facet of the industry from luxury hotels to large scale wedding & event production.

He wears many hats (errr… bow ties.) He’s a diplomat, designer, advisor, counselor, sounding board,  dreamer… The list goes on.

Here’s what he knows is true… THERE’S A RIGHT WAY…

And that way is whatever way makes you most comfortable.

He subscribes to the Platinum Rule to treat others as THEY would like to be treated. And as a Washington School of Protocol-trained expert, he’s learned that etiquette is about making others feel comfortable. That’s why, he’ll meet you wherever you are on this planning journey. And you’ll walk the path together. With discretion and good judgement. 

After all, the way you feel determines how your guests will feel. And he wants them to feel fabulous!

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