Today is officially Lindsay and Justin’s wedding day! That’s not how it was originally meant to be, but Covid changed their plans and here we are. We’re so excited for their special day today at The Joule Hotel. Here’s a little bio from Lindsay, herself, along with some beautiful engagement photos by Flytographer

“We met on Bumble (matched January 8th, 2017) I only remember because it was the morning after my 30th birthday party. Fun fact – my parents always told me growing up to not get married until I was 30 so I think it was very timely to find Justin’s profile a week after my birthday.

We didn’t meet in real life until February 4th. Our first date was at Matchbox and we were just going to meet for drinks. Well 4 hours later, we were still talking away and Justin was starving (he kept asking if I wanted to order something but I was too busy enjoying our conversation) and then probably the most memorable moment from our first date was Justin went in for the kiss and I went in for the hug and it was an awkward forehead kiss that I’ll never forget and that Justin really wishes I would.

After our first date, we had a mini second date that Monday at Chick-Fil-a for lunch in the airport before he was going to be gone for a week. He traveled quite a bit for work back then but I knew I wanted to see him again soon.
And the rest is inseparable history. We were always together and started traveling and taking as many weekend trips as we could. Justin moved in that Summer and then proposed 2 summers later.

The proposal happened at my parents lake house in Canada and my favorite place. I kept thinking it would happen there but the days went by and still nothing had happened. Finally on our last morning (we had to leave for the airport at 9:30) Justin proposed. My parents knew and everyone was trying to get me to hurry up and get ready but I knew we didn’t need to leave until 9:30, so I was just taking my time. Finally my mom was like ‘Linds come out here quick there’s a baby chipmunk on the couch.’ I ran onto the patio to see. There wasn’t a chipmunk, but Justin was there and he proposed on the patio. It was perfect! Even if I had no makeup, wet hair and old basketball shorts and a tank top on. I finalllly got to marry the man of my dreams!!

The original wedding was to be up in Canada and then Corona happened and here we are! Plan B at the Joule!”

Today’s wedding will be coordinated by Kimberly Rhodes, owner of Hitched Events. We’re excited to work with an amazing vendor team on this one: Kate Foley Designs, Shannon Skloss Photography, Marc Roberts Videography, LeForce Entertainment, Erin Blair Makeup & Hair Design, and Centerstage Floors.

Follow along on our Instagram for a glimpse into their big day as they become #HappilyEverHalmon!

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